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A supportive Success Mastermind designed just for training & business-building resources for new coaches & newly certified coaches. 


• I'm a new IAC member working toward my IAC certification.
• I recently gained IAC certification and I want to build a thriving practice.
If you answered, "Yes!" to either description, you have a new resource available! Which of the following would be interesting to you?

  • Would you like to connect with other IAC members who have similar needs and challenges? 
  • Would you enjoy sharing your successes with other IAC members? 
  • Would you like to provide or hear coaching demonstrations? 
  • Have you had any difficulty locating practice buddies? 
  • Would you like to share practice-building tips and hear what works so you can build your own thriving practice? 

You can now attend monthly meetings in which your needs are addressed.
• Monthly events are virtual (using a bridgeline). We  use a well-tested mastermind process in which attendees share challenges and solutions in a supportive environment.  This model fosters a nurturing peer environment in which every participant's input is valued.
• Quarterly events include a speaker about one or more issues raised during the monthly events. Special attention is given to confidence-boosting and practice-building issues because these are two of the most common concerns for new coaches.
• The IAC GroupSite Forum is used to assist with communication. When you sign up to receive information about this group, IAC will notify you about meeting times and the bridgeline number.
• To be as fair as possible, meeting times are rotated so that members in as many possible locations around the globe can attend at least once a quarter.
Doris Helge, Ph.D., IAC-Certified Coach and Mentor Coach and Founder of IAC-licensed coach training program,  Confident Coach Connection,  and Super Sales Confidence For Coaches  has volunteered to be Lead Facilitator and the primary contact person. In addition to training coaches, Doris has a long history of conducting mastermind groups that empower participants to achieve their goals.

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IAC wants to address YOUR needs and concerns so that our organization is even more meaningful and even stronger. This will be YOUR group in the sense that the group will evolve over time in a way that is responsive to participants' needs and desires. Enjoy this opportunity to:

• Express your unique challenges and needs.
• Be heard by new colleagues.
• Enjoy the warm support of a group of peers with a vested interest in nurturing your professional growth and taking steps to help you get your needs met.
• Boost your confidence and morale regarding getting certified and building a thriving practice.
• Gain valuable, cutting-edge information in a convenient, supportive environment structured for safety and success (the mastermind model).


IAC Invites YOU to participate in the IAC Coaching Research Community & Forum

The International Association of Coaching (IAC®), an independent, global coach certifying body has launched a Coaching Research Community and Forum.  With a mission to expand the path to coaching mastery by inspiring the on-going evolution and application of research-based coaching standards, the IAC® recognized the need for coaching researchers from around the world to have one freely accessible, universal “home” where they can collaborate to produce and disseminate quality and quantity in the generation of coaching research. Whether an IAC member or not, any coaching researcher can apply to join the Coaching Research Community here:

The community is a virtual network where coaching researchers can discuss trends, developments, methodology, best practices, and just about anything related to coaching and research in the discipline. Researchers can also publish articles, papers, and reports, and can get some research support from the global coaching research community.

In addition, The Voice, the IAC®’s monthly ezine for coaches and those interested in coaching, will feature a regular article on Research-Based Coaching Mastery. These articles are easily understood digests of research articles and papers, designed to assist readers in enhancing their understanding and practice of coaching. This is another new initiative in fulfilling our mission to expand the pathways to coaching mastery.

Click here to read the first issue of Evidence-Based Coaching Mastery: The Process of Learning in Coaching .

For more information, contact Dr. Kerul Kassel at or Dr. Kerryn Griffiths at 

You deserve success and the world needs your unique talents. We look forward to getting to know you and discovering how we can be even more responsive to your needs and concerns.